Factors to Consider When Choosing a Free E-Commerce Website Builder as a Newbie

According to Statista report, virtual sales will grow up to $4.5 trillion by 2021. To ensure you do not miss a share of this sales, you do not have an option rather than establishing an e-commerce website. The site will offer you an opportunity to access a broader audience than you can serve with a brick and mortar store.

Also, going virtual will enable your customers to shop right at their residence and get the product delivered to their doorstep. As a newbie, you may lack funds for paid hosting sites. So, free e-commerce website builders would be your last result. However, the 21st century witnessed a surge in the number of free builders. As such, you might be confused about which builder you should pick. To guide you through the picking process, here are three factors you need to consider in a builder:


Your e-commerce website is not a stand-alone element that performs every task. For you to run a successful online business, you need to integrate your site with various software and systems. For instance, your website must merge with POS systems and payment gateways. Also, it must have an opportunity to add plugins for performing various tasks in your venture. Lack of the integration capabilities means that the site will be useless or ineffective. As such, pay a close eye on the integrations available on a free e-commerce website builder before considering it as your choice.

Security features

Your website purpose is to sell online. You are not establishing a platform for sharing memes or fake news. As you know, payment is a central pillar in any business transaction which means your customers will be paying you online. However, with the rising cases of cybercrimes, customers are sceptical about sharing their data.

The fear of becoming a cybercrime victim is looming each dawn. For you to assure the customers their data is safe, you must ensure your free e-commerce website builder offers security features. If it does not, make sure it is compatible with third-party security software and plugins.


Optimizing your e-commerce for the search engines is the first step to enhancing your sales. So, it should be the primary qualifying criteria for an e-commerce web builder.  Even though the builder is not the ultimate determiner of your ranking, it plays a crucial role. The structuring of your website determines how it will be easier for the crawling robots to rank it.

In a word, consider these factors when choosing a free e-commerce website builder to ensure you have made the right and perfect decision.


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